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Evanescent (ev-å-nes'nt), adj. - disappearing gradually from sight; vanishing.

Welcome to Evanescent Icons, flagrant_delire's icon community. Everything posted here is made by me and is free for the taking, with proper credit of course (see the rules below). Feel free to join the community. From time to time I will post some private entries viewable only to members of the community, so it would behoove you to join. If that doesn't matter, just go ahead and friend me. If you do join, note that I'm the only one with posting access as it is my icon journal.;)

1. Comment on the entires and let me know which icon(s) you are taking. I prefer to know who has my icons and who will be using them. I also like knowing that people like my icons and are using them - makes me feel all special inside.;)

2. Credit me in the keywords when you use one or more of my icons. This is not optional, it is a MUST. It would be best to credit evanescenticons as this is where all my icons are posted, but flagrant_delire works as well. Don't even think of creditting them as your own. You will feel my wrath. For those that don't know about keywords and creditting, here is what you do: On your manage userpictures page you are given the option to put in keywords for each icon. In the keywords field, type in "made by evanescenticons" or "title (made by evanescenticons)". Whatever way you wish to title your icons, just make sure that my username is somewhere in those keywords.

3. I don't post bases. Any icons posted without text are meant to be that way. Don't alter any of my icons whatsoever. Again, you will feel my wrath if you do.

4. Don't direct link! Even photobucket has bandwidth limits. Stealing it is wrong, so don't do it.

5. Think one of my icons is good enough to nominate somewhere? Cool, thanks for the ego boost! Go right ahead, just let me know it's being done.:)

6. Please don't use these on other journals. They are for livejournal and I'd like it to stay that way.

7. I don't take specific icon requests. From time to time I may post asking for suggestions for a specific icon you'd like to see or specific fandoms. It is at this time you may suggest something. I might also make a list of icons I wish to make and you can make suggestions for what you'd like to see out of the list. So it will be a little like requests, but not totally.;)

To make my icons I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and Animation Shop 3.0. You can find a trial download at Jasc.com. I've used brushes from teh_indy, quebelly, zerohundred, milk, pekeana, caneme, crushedviolet, kimberly_a, and sets found at 100x100_brushes.

I take part in the following icon challenge communities:

deppicontest, kb_showdown, alias_hush, p3_stillness, ruleyourdestiny, thaction_, sm_chorus, pirates_chorus, yule_ball, kinga_chorus, lotr_hush, hp_hush, hpship_chorus, crossingblades

All icons I won awards with can be found here.

Each week a post will be made with every icon I made for the different challenges of the past week. You are free to take whichever icons I post. They will not be posted until voting on every challenge is complete.

teh_indy, icongrab, foxglove_icons, visionary_icons, _luckydoll, bigdamnicons, checkmate__, buddha_, uma_icons, french_icons, spybox, slightly_askew, karuna_icons, thingsxmissing, julia_thorne13, deppicontest, crossingblades, hpship_chorus, milky__icons, shayari, lalabah, bitterrainicons, __spoon

Want to be affiliates? Please comment on this entry ONLY. If you make a comment on a random entry I may not see it, or if I do, I will ignore it because it means you didn't read the userinfo. Thanks.